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Fakhro Restaurants Company W.L.L.


Fakhro Restaurants Company presently owns and operates 15 McDonald’s restaurants, with more planned openings in the near future. All restaurants have consistently achieved excellent ratings by McDonald’s on measures of quality, service, cleanliness and value.

Independent market surveys in Bahrain have also shown McDonald’s to be the dominant international name in the quick service restaurants market, and customer ratings favor McDonald’s standard of quality and service over all other franchises on the island.

Ever since the beginning of its operations, the Company has been working to integrate Bahraini employees into the McDonald's workforce, becoming an integral part of the communities in which it operates. The Company has pursued a vigorous Bahrainization based on thorough training of Bahrainis in all areas of operations and management. specific Council for Training has recognized McDonald’s for achieving the highest Bahrainization percentage in our work force for 6 consecutive years (2001-2006).

McDonald’s Bahrain has also been long active in its community, implementing a unique culture of social responsibility. Some of the social activities sponsored by the Company include the World Children’s Day, the Olympic Day Run and the GOYS Sports Talent Identification Program. The Company actively supports charity associations and local federations.

McDonald’s recently launched the McDelivery Service (Order @ 1722-1722) to facilitate door to door delivery of ordered menu. With the introduction of McDelivery, McDonald’s Bahrain has undertaken a customer-centric initiative by offering 24 hours delivery service, seven days a week at McDonald’s restaurants.

McDonald’s Bahrain also opened a contemporary design store in the Bahrain International Airport Departure Lounge which is part of the Company’s aim to be a “forever young brand”. The Company has also entered the café market with the first McCafé offering a wide selection of great-tasting, exclusive premium coffee, gourmet cakes and muffins and delicious snacks.


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